About Dead Sea Minerals

The Dead Sea contains over 45,000 million tons of salts rich in minerals - these elements are known as the Dead Sea Minerals. The Sea's unique composition of natural minerals is produced from the dissolving of the salt created in the natural evaporation process of the sea's water. The compound is refined through solar radiation which neutralizes the sodium chloride (which sinks to the bottom) and leaves the rich compound on the evaporation pool bed. The Dead Sea contains minerals that don't exist in any other seas and because of this it has become extremely travelled to and coveted for the richness in health and beauty gained from its healing properties.

The rare minerals of the sea have qualities like relaxation, skin nourishment, blood system activation, rheumatic disease healing properties and metabolic disorder prevention. It's not hard to see why these minerals are some of the most sought after in the world.

These minerals are essential for the human body and different layers of skin to sustain a lifetime of youthful health and beauty.

The minerals found in our Dead Sea products are made astronomically more important for your skin and body because these elements cannot be found anywhere else, but are fundamental to your body for various reasons. These elements support cell renewal activities in the skin and serve as essential elements in cell functioning, particularly in intercellular communication. Additionally, they are essential for exchanging information and transmitting signals between cells, an activity that stimulates cell renewal by dividing and nourishing the epidermis with an increased water capacity. They also participate in processes of bone building, blood production, hormone activation, neural strengthening and far more. However, just like vitamins, these minerals are not produced naturally by your body and so your body depends on an external supply of these minerals from food or other sources. Getting your body the Dead Sea minerals it needs, is made easy by applying our mineral infused creams, lotions, scrubs, and masks to rejuvenate and empower your body with the right elements for better body and skin health.



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